Eat Walk St Andrews


The St Andrews food walking tours visit five venues for food tastings. With three of these stops also having drink tastings.


The daily food tours start at 1pm or 5pm Mon to Sunday.

Private food tours outwith these times can be arranged by emailing


The guide will talk about the history of St Andrews as the tour walks between venues.


Audio headsets will be given out by the guides.

Enabling those on the tour to listen to them while walking at their own pace.


The walking tour lasts up to three and half hours. By the end you will have enjoyed locally sourced food and drink. You will also have a very good understanding about the town of St Andrews.


At the end of the St Andrews food walking tours, maps will be given out. Showing the venues visited. Some offer discounts or special promotion. Should you wish to return for a full meal.

Eat Walk Tours
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St Andrews Food walking tours costs.

Daily tours costs £69 per person.

Private food tour for 2 people is £89 per person(pp),

3 people £79pp, 4 people £74pp, 5 to 8 people £69pp.

What’s included

Both tours includes:

All food and drink tastings.

This equates to a two-course light lunch with drinks.

Guided tour of the historical sights of  St Andrews.

Audio headsets.

Map showing venues visited on the tour.

Discounts promotions for some veneus visited.